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About us
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Apartments and rooms
101 Single-bedded room
102 Apartment "Birch"
103 Single-bedded room
104 Apartment "Mystic"
105 Single-bedded room
106 Two-bedded room
201 Apartment "Rustic"
206 Apartment "Family"
About us

Imageer adventure, Sometimes even the dreams can become reality. When you recognize the beauty of your home and when you are able to cultivate that beauty, build and ennoble it, and with all of that provide an existence to your family, when from one small Serbia and one small Leskovac comes the story about the „Pearl“ and its household, then you quietly start hoping that with your soul you have touched a rainbow. And there, behind the rainbow, as a castle from the fairytales, your eye catches...

Imagelegant building from the beginning of the previous century that holds on to its gracefulness, that in harmony with something new received a growing richness of elegance and delicacy.

Imageather, we worked on every detail, row by row, we have stringed our ideas; with a lot of courage and labor, wishing to make our dream come true, and with that little string of pearls we created the „Pearl“. Therefore it is our mission to surpass the expectation of the guests regarding the service and accommodation in order to make your stay in our hotel a reason more to love Serbia.

ImageLovely and neatly composed complex ambient makes the pleasant atmosphere of our rooms and apartments, carrying the personal impression of their creators. Our need for perfection traverses the way to the future of a completely different hotel management in our area. We managed to bring into Leskovac some people that for years couldn’t satisfy their refined taste and asked for lodging outside the city, traveling even 100 km per day. Now they are our regular and very dear guests to whom we have presented new standards with a personal high-level service to the slightest details.

Imagend if by leaving the „Pearl“ you have the impression of being a guest at a dear cousin, and if you carry the impression of something domestic, we will be truly happy that you have become a pearl in our story of the „Pearl“.


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